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TULUM, Q. Roo.- The animal welfare Act does not provide sanctions in cases of animal abuse, what it takes to make these changes, without what it is impossible to punish despite the fact that have complaints. Work in the topic for the proposals, say members of the Committee of Animal Welfare city, was announced at the first meeting of the group to detail the work plan for this year, in conjunction with associations focused on the defense animal.

Also, Fernando Jiménez Soto, a member of the Committee of Magic Town, he asked to be part of the Committee of Animal Welfare as the theme of the fauna street is responsible directly to the question of tourism, and the urban image of the destination.

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The civil society organizations raised the need to undertake awareness-raising campaigns for the sterilization of pets to prevent reproduction and overpopulation in the city and the municipality. Indicated agencies as a Rescued BC, that there are poor families that have too many animals in their homes, which they cannot maintain and provide inadequate care, but continue to multiply. The lack of resources, not spaying or neutering these pets.

Some of these organizations point out that enforced sterilizations that are not sufficient to avoid the reproduction of the animals that live on the street, however, which have owners but are unaware of their responsibilities to provide protection to the animals, ensuring their welfare, provide them with attention, good treatment, support, prevent abuse and suffering.

The humane Society, in charge of Lina Sheet Sepulveda, develops advertising material to undertake the awareness campaign regarding the care and responsibility that you must take as a pet owner and at the same time disseminate the regulations that exist in this sense.

Staff of the Secretariat of Environment, who attended the event, said that it will work with all the municipal committees to alter the law and contemplate the application of sanctions. The regulations may provide for sanctions, but if the state law does not set forth, the allegations did not originate with the agency ministerial.

In this first session of the Citizen Council for Animal Welfare, defined the responsibilities of the members of the city Council, Civil society organizations and state authorities to get to points of agreement and to work in coordination.

Silvia Lavalle, of SEMA, said that in a month will appreciate the progress of the work. Lina Veneer, on the other hand, explained that his association, as well as that of Fauna, Animal, sterilized at about 200 animals, including dogs and cats, per month.

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