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Fennel is dressed in light blue and white for the 207º anniversary of the May Revolution

«Silenced for decades since the time of the Viceroyalty of Peru, remained latent among the creoles, waiting for its moment. From there on out would not have doubts or setbacks, because before the will and decision of the sovereign people, it is necessary and as it happened, in his name, were going to talk about the weapons of the Homeland. At the dawn of the NINETEENTH century, when it came to the time of the decision. There was No authority that could stop it. The courage of the subject peoples, whose rights have not existed at all, was the engine of a revolution that knew no borders. The peoples of south america wanted the final release, and they were willing, as he showed later, to water blood this blessed land, in pursuit of freedom and independence». So, with these heartfelt and profound words, he began by saying Luis Occhi (he shared the driving with Daiana Coppero) to make the opening of the commemoration of the 207º anniversary of the May Revolution, which occurred on the 25th of may of 1810, when Argentina began to take its first steps, historiando as well a great epic that fills us with pride, because from there this land became the Motherland.

Many people were present in the morning of yesterday in Fennel, to witness and share in this act of their homeland that began at 9 in the city of Olavarría, with the hoisting of the National Flag in the plaza Coronel Olavarría and continued with the traditional te deum in the parish of St. Joseph, culminating in the Park Mitre hinojense, where the avenida Mitre dressed in party absolutely blue and white. The parade ran from the Museum to the house of Bardi and the main stage -with the authorities – was located in front of the Railway station.

Once the head of the Cavalry Regiment of Tanks, 2 «Lanceros General Paz», lieutenant colonel Carlos Euclid Muzio, ordered the breakup of the rows located in front of the stage, the mayor is Ezequiel Galli did use the word to refer to this historical quest and then left enabled the act of parade.

So began the day -at 11.15 a.m. to be exact-, which began with a series of pictures of dance southern buenos aires province that was in charge of The group Huellera, to put the traditional touch and festive. And soon began the parade, going on delegations that were waving to the authorities on the main stage, where they were the mayor Galli; the president of the Deliberative Council, Eduardo Rodriguez, the chief of the Squadron of Engineers Armored 1, lieutenant colonel Diego Margaryan, officials of the cabinet and the municipal councillors, inspectors of Education and representatives of schools, Police and Fire Volunteers.

The delegation of the Kindergarten No. 903 «Manuel Belgrano» of Fennel was the beginning of the parade -which at all times was accompanied by the exquisite music provided by the Municipal Band, «Hugo Bazzano», directed by Silvio Manuel-, to pass below the Garden of Infants No. 924 «Juana Azurduy» of Cologne Fennel, then the Primary School No. 6 -together with your group of folklore of the Municipal School extension in the establishment of Workers and Alberdi-, Primary School No. 14, Primary school No. 7, Colonia Nievas, Elementary School No. 11 of Fennel, Municipal School of Chess, CEC 801, Santa Teresa high School in Cologne Fennel, Secondary School No. 4, Centre No. 451 headquarters San Cayetano (where the program works Purposes 2), Christian School Evangelical, municipal program The Callejeada of Fennel, a delegation of the Municipal Museum of Fennel, the Group of Boy Scouts Our Lady of the Assumption of Fennel, Municipal Cultural Center of Fennel, the centres of retirees and pensioners of Fennel and Cologne Fennel, the Neighborhood Meeting San Cayetano Fennel and the group The Huellera.

Passed then the delegations of the authorities of lebanese, Slovak, and German of the Volga -these Cologne Fennel, along with the ballet dances Wir Bringen Freude, which means «We bring you joy»-, and the Italian Society of Mutual Aid, to give place subsequently to the Civil Association School Canine (is Silver, with delegation in our city), the School of Dance, Heritage, Mountain of the Sierra Chica, the group of zumba hinojense Ethnicity, Social and Sports Club Railway Fennel, the team of volleyball of Athletic Fennel and ex-combatants of Abesa 1982 (Association of buenos Aires Ex-Soldiers Argentine).

Then it was the turn of the vehicles. So went the classic cars (Fiat 125, Dodge 1500 and Polara, and the Chevrolet 400, Rally and Super Sport), the «motoqueros» – pure horns – of the NGO Grouping Bikers Solidarity of Olavarría, the Volunteer Fire -belonging to the detachments of Olavarría, Sierras Bayas, Loma Negra and Fennel, which showed all of your «arsenal» vehicle-, the Grouping Veterans of the Falklands War «April 2», then five cars in Olavarría Jeep Club (speeding up too, without so much need, by the way because the people felt annoyed with the gases that drove the exhaust pipes) and then the long row of the Cavalry Regiment of Tanks 2 along with vehicles of the Squadron of Engineers Armored 1.

Finally it was the turn of the groupings of traditionalists, all with their respective horses: the Traditionalist Center of The Follower, the Pooling Friends Skills Creole, the Grouping Gaucha Fennel, Grouping, Tradition, Grouping The Whinny, Rincon Gaucho Loma Negra, the group of Our Lady of the Nativity of Cologne Fennel (with flags of argentina, buenos aires and German) and the Gauchos Pilgrims of San Francisco, to culminate at exactly 12.48, to subsequently pass all to enjoy the food that is sold in the stands (locro, empanadas, etc) and the folk music of Gustavo Corvi, to complete this 207o anniversary of the May Revolution.

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