Firefighters rescue fox – Daily Mail

|| After you scare off the dogs that threaten the animal was made safe in a kennel.

Stays protected while they decide if it is released or sent to the zoo Lion

Cayetano Ramírez

GUANAJUATO, Gto.- Elements of the body of Firefighters in B.C., rescued a fox that was about to be devoured by dogs, who were, in a housing of the road from The Mill, to one side of the Normal School.

Shortly before 14:00 hours yesterday, the owners of the house marked with the number 10, they requested support of the elements of emergency for that you’d get caught with what they believed a coyote; indicated that the animal was injured one of its hind limbs.

Minutes after he arrived the staff at the command of Carlos Ruiz. Immediately they located the animal and found that it was a fox that was fleeing from the pack of dogs.

The maneuvers

Once the elements were able to scare off the dogs, did they pen the fox, which took refuge in the utility room of the house referred to. Carlos Ruiz threw the sweatshirt of one of his companions to halt his career. Then proceeded to place it in a kennel.

Was wound a leg

The animal fled for a house in a street next to Paseo de la Presa. Witnesses who reported the finding noted that there was a wound of the hind leg.

Ruiz said that in the next hours will be contacted the Association for the protection of Animals, to determine if a time to heal the wounds of the fox in the hind leg, it will be released in their natural habitat or given to the zoo of a Lion.

He clarified that from their point of view it would be better to release it than to keep it captive, to remain free on a site where you don’t run the risk of being hunted by humans or attacked by some sort of greater size.

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