Firestorm zero: the dispute continues to try to reach an agreement – First Edition

Entrepreneurs in the field of pyrotechnics and different referents of protection associations of animals are still looking for consensus in the negotiation with respect to the use of pyrotechnics in the Capital city.

In that sense, at the beginning of this week a meeting was held in the city Council to expose positions and try to reach an agreement.

“We presented a project to remove the sound part of the fireworks (bomb din) and also the balloons, by the danger that entails,” he said in that sense to the FIRST EDITION the merchant Federico Krioka to the front of the company, the Hawk.

“The parties we are in dialogue and at least we are looking for an agreement so that you do not delete all the pyrotechnics, as for example the light would be good”, he said.

“We hope that in the course of this week or the next has concretions to reach a policy consensus,” wanted.

Also in the course of this week, entrepreneurs in the industry, concerned about a landscape that means the end of the activity and the closure of their shops, raised to the legislature a project of law to narrow the universe of fireworks allowed and that for example the level of noise lower of the three inches of powder permitted to two.

“That’s going to reduce to a minimum the decibels (intensity) of the rumbles, and at least they gave us to understand that they are in agreement with that, that is viable,” said the businessman to this Day.

Krioka also expressed that “as entrepreneurs, we are re-looking at marketing, for example, pumps, rumbles, and other types of pyrotechnics that are dangerous, to be phased out. Last year I was very troubled by the debate, and these new meetings are more positive.”

“Working on an idea, helpful”

The president of the commission of general legislation of the Council posadeño, Martin Arjol, consulted to this regard, he sought moderation in terms of the complexity of moving forward in a measure prohibitive: “you have to work on a project overcomes”.

“During the meeting there was represented the largest part of the sector involved, including representatives of the Chamber Businesswoman Argentina of Fireworks, and the associations of protective animals, parents of children with autism, and veterans of the Malvinas to discuss various projects, such as that presented councilman (Daniel) Yellow as well as the options they gave us entrepreneurs”, plotted Arjol who said that “the meeting was very good because he was able to listen to all parties, to those who in one way or another is going to affect the discussion of that ordinance, which will depend on the consensus that has been because until now it is not helpful to the issue”.


For the council member Arjol “it is necessary to work in a new regulations, the ordinance passed in the year 2000, which regulates the issues of fireworks is already outdated in its articles, and it is necessary to work in that direction.”

“The issues were raised and the idea is to work in a regulatory ambitious. For now nothing is decided, the ordinance that is under consideration, it suffers from some of the details that should be studied and corrected. But above all there are to find necessary consensus for a policy of that kind, that requires the necessary arrangements to be able to implement and enforce,” he emphasized.

Asked Arjol: “what serves us enact an ordinance that will then be vetoed by the mayor, or at best not going to be able to regulate?”.

“We aim to consciousness”

Vanesa Florentín, from the association for the protection of animals, commented that they are “in a zone of border very permeable which makes us think that getting to pyrotechnics zero is very difficult. Perhaps it will not come by the side of the ordinance, but from the awareness. These are things that take time, I suppose that an ordinance is not going to end up with the problem that by itself is very complex, as in his time it was the traction to blood that 20 years ago it was accepted and today is wrong view”.

On the recent meeting, Florentín pointed out that “we don’t have a bad relationship and there is dialogue with the entrepreneurs, we want to reach an agreement and that you understand our position that it is social. We assume that in the negotiation we’re going to find things in common”.

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