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He stole and abused the cat by the parish priest and at least ten more in the municipality of Amaga in Antioquia. But this was not the only crime committed by David Andrés Flórez Acosta. According to research, the unusual thief after stealing cats, tortured and then ate them.

According to the office of the Prosecutor, is the first person convicted in Colombia for animal abuse according to the law issued in 2016. The sentence of six months imprisonment issued by the Court of First Promiscuous Municipal of this municipality, antioquia. Florez was accused of the crime of animal abuse aggravated, brutality, and theft qualified and aggravated.

The law 1774 to January 6, 2016 stipulates that animals, as sentient beings are not things, will receive special protection against suffering and pain, in special, the to be caused directly or indirectly by humans.

This act added to the Criminal Code article 339A, which, who “mistreats a pet or domestic animal, tanning, wild vertebrate or exotic vertebrate, causing death or injury which would seriously impair his health or physical integrity, shall incur a penalty of imprisonment of twelve (12) to thirty six (36) months, and the inability especially of one (1) to three (3) years for the exercise of profession, trade, trade or tenure who has a relationship with the animals and a fine of five (5) to sixty (60) current minimum legal monthly wages”.

However, in the case of David Florez, the judge ordered him to six months in prison because it was recognized that ate those animals.In his house were found a skull and several skins of the animals stolen.

In Vietnam we eat cats

A restarurante to the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam specialized in the “typical cat”. The owner, who has been more than ten years at the head of that peculiar establishment, says that cat meat is tender and firm, which is confirmed by the Association of Protection Dog from Asia,who has conducted research on the tendency to eat cat meat.

There are many diners that specialized in “food of the cat” that say it is better than the beef or the chicken.

In the case of David Andres Florez, the court recognized its precarious economic condition and their marginalization, which could give him probation with pre-arrangement. A similar case occurred in 1996 in Rosario (Argentina), when the difficult economic situation forced many people to eat cat meat.

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