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Before the appearance on the «Costanera» of a dog who died after being run over, which wandered for some days, both the Foundation Bio Animalis as the Protector of Animals showed their concern about the amount of animals lost and appealed to the responsibility of their owners.

Bio Animalis asked responsibility to their owners in the possession of pet animals. “Unfortunately, our streets are full of lost animals, of which those that manage to survive the risks exist and which are not claimed by their families go to swell the sad number of animals in the street”, they explained.

From the organization argued that “whoever may not care or who do not know how to take care, should not have” pets. “For those who are responsible with their animals it is difficult to conceive the idea of a loss, there are exceptions, but it should be. Sadly, the losses have become the rule, and this requires assuming responsibilities as carers. We must not do a wrong reading or to shift responsibility to those who do not have (Ngos or even to the same animals when they cause accidents”, they said.

For its part, since the Protector of Animals Saint Francis referred to this last known case. “The habit to leave roam for the animals is really a mistake, it can cost you your life. This animal I had spent the days wandering around, » no one asked for it? where was his family?”, questioned.


Bio Animalis issued a number of tips that you should bear in mind in order to avoid loss of pets:

*Dogs with keepers must be within its material scope (not wandering alone in the streets without any control or supervision).

*Citizens should denounce those people who leave their animals loose on the public highway (for a violation of the ordinance 5808).

*The State must be castrated to balance the population of dogs and cats, and to educate. The neutered animals that are in street situation are converted into biological barriers to controlled and transformed it into community until the circle is closed.

*Study of the most prestigious universities performed the statistics of dogs biting, resulting in animals in the street (without keeper) are not biting because they are sociable, but the ones that form the statistics of chew toys are the ones that are in the street with keepers are irresponsible.

 *Shelters are not a place for the animals, that is to sweep under the carpet the human misery, condemning the imprisonment of innocents, unable to that the human has created millions of years ago domesticándolos and today are not responsible, nor are they the solution to the problem, it is enough to have some of the most common of the senses -common sense – and look at that from decades and decades put dogs in shelters, both public and private, and there is still dogs in the streets.

*Each one must assume the obligations and responsibilities that we have. We have a moral duty to provide for them.

* Two legal aspects to be taken into account: the fact that an animal is lost and will not cause harm, does not relieve of the responsibility of its keeper. And criminally, the abandonment of an animal may result in an offence of ill-treatment.

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