France seeks killer of cats in the series – starMedia (press Release)

A poisoning, massive of cats has been reported in the town of Saint-Pierre-La-Mer, which has caused the death of more than 200 cats. The identity of the person who is doing this type of actions is unknown, the only thing that is known is the end result being the death of a lot of mininos.

Feral cats as domesticated are the victims of the attacks of this killer of animals . A neighbor of the locality of name Céline, has seen the death of six of their cats. “It is a catastrophe, I come to bury one today,” declared the victim of the attack against your pet to a regional newspaper, while another neighbor came with a cat dying in your hands.

This story can be found at the mininos dead in the streets is repeated from more than a month ago. “They spit out a blue thing, maúllan and die,” explained another of the neighbours, who saw to die to a pet of yours weeks before in that same area.

There are a few idiots that are killing cats and I can’t no more”, complained Éliane, another resident of the locality, which says that it takes weeks to seeing how “the cats come to die on my terrace”.

The local association for the protection of the cats has filed a formal complaint so that it can perform a post-mortem examination of cats which have died in previous days and be able to know the causes of this phenomenon.

The first investigations have yielded the discovery of substances such as pellets, cannabis and coolant.

Michèle Grenier-Bolley, who is a researcher of the Association for the protection of Animals, mentioned the theory that the animals are fed the lethal cocktail in the evenings and that is when the poisoning occurs in animals.

This is not the first time something similar happens within this quiet community, as commented by the researcher. “They called Me in 2011 and in 2012 for similar problems. And now start again, with a magnitude never seen before. This is a disgrace!”, denounced.

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