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«All for the p*** hearing», is the title of the latest video of the channel of Frank Cuesta, who in the wake of the controversial unveiling of Four [VIDEO] by simulate a fake animal rescue, was given the task of reporting the fact on the social networks and how not to express their opinion on the matter. He already has a very clear, «#dog face» now looks like a garbage, and not even he imagined how far you could reach the chain to maintain its ratings and outside. The worst part of their criticism has been the presenter of the segment, Javier García Roche, for which he had harsh words of disappointment.

Frank Cuesta already talked about García Roche time ago

And why in the past did not care to defend it before the media after his arrest for alleged gender-based violence.

At that time, it is hard not hesitated to make it clear that what Garcia Roche did in his private life, it had nothing to do with the work that came to exercise in your television space: to help animals.

Just fifteen days later, the communicator has been found changing his views through a letter online, written by the protective association «Furry Friends Under Cinca, «in which is told the truth about the bailout that «Dog Face» issued this past Wednesday. The animal that showed up in front of the cameras was not the same that the organization was trying to help Turned Fraga, but one that the program itself had cast to make her happy ending. Something that took them by surprise and offended is overly involved.

The other face of the rescue programme

«You do not know how we boiled the blood, we could not believe it, but what the liars, screamed, why lie?», it was one of the claims in the letter of «Furry Friends», «you don’t need to lie to anyone putting another dog in place of one that is already deceased, is a very great lack of respect for him.»

«Javier, you have been an advocate but now I can’t defend here. Or you sneaked in, or you manipulated and that is for you to go home and we send to take it by c*, or you’re part of this,» was what Frank said in the video, after learning about the manipulation of #Four. «This people is worth much more than you and what you have done, it was to lie without need. It is a puñetera shame».

Up until now, nor Javier Garcia Roche or Four have made any comment with which they seek to explain these unpleasant events, or to apologize for putting on a show in its own program. Social networks have not stopped commenting on the matter. #Frank Cuesta

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