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In stickers, coloring books or dolls of yarn, the picture of the bitch Frida helps raise funds for the victims of the earthquake last Tuesday in Mexico, after the success obtained in the rescue of people trapped in the rubble.

Frida, a female labrador of 7 years with more than 52 rescues in his entire career, is the most famous of the Canine Unit of the Secretariat of the Navy that you have searched for these days for signs of life in the buildings collapsed by the earthquake of 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale in Mexico City.

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The general euphoria aroused by Frida promoted to young people from various regions of the country to use your image as a banner to request economic resources and thus work together with a «grain of sand» to thevictims.


Students of the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Occident (Iteso) in Guadalajara, in the western state of Jalisco, created a sticker with the image of Frida with her glasses, booties and vest from the mexican Navy to achieve a successful marketing.

«We felt the impotence of not being able to help because from Guadalajara is little that it can do more than donate and bring food», he tells Efe Jesus Degollado, student of engineering, who developed the idea with Sofia Ron, student of audiovisual arts.

Frida, the dog life jackets that are more popular in stickers, books and ... - 1

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The social networks did their thing and in a few days the stickers of Frida have already reached thousands of buyers of a score of mexican states and countries such as France, Costa Rica, and Canada.

Ron and Slain, claim that their goal was to sell them among the students at Iteso to gather 5,000 pesos (about 279,6 dollars), although they exceeded the 100,000 pesos (about 5.589 dollars) in a week.

«Everyone felt identified by this cause that is the puppy, Frida , and this need to help,» says Degollado, holding that it had «no idea» that the project became so popular.

The funds obtained by the sale of the sticker will be donated to Unired, a partnership of universities for the reconstruction of the areas most affected by the quake, says.


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In Monterrey, the capital of the northern state of Nuevo León, the figure of Frida is embodied in a doll of yarn created by a group of friends and fans to the tissue that they wanted to send «distance support».

«It was a lack of wanting to help and not knowing how to and (we felt) that Frida has become popular and has gained the sympathy of Mexico by the innocence and the effort that a dog,» explained Orpah Alarcón, member of the group «The crochet of the martecitos».

Salvador Garcia, member of the group, made as a tribute to Frida the first figure of yarn from the dog, sitting with his glasses and his blue boots, and immediately received cheers in the social networks.

Frida, the dog life jackets that are more popular in stickers, books and ... - 2

Orders came in by the hundreds «and everything went out of control,» says Alarcón with joy about the almost 3000 messages that were received in a few days, not only from Mexico, but also of the united States, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Already in the first phase to make 100 figures of two sizes, and are planning a second, which will take time because only five people know how to elaborate them, and this can take up to ten hours of work.

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In the mexican capital, the dogs Titan, Eco and Evil are joined to Frida as the protagonists of a coloring book developed by Lucie Towers and offer activities to the children in the hostels opened after the earthquake.

«We saw that children in hostels were bored, they were sad, and we saw that they wanted to coloring books and I thought it would be okay to build one,» says Torres, an illustrator of children ensures that she thought this because I could not remove debris due to a illness in the kidneys.

His intention was to speak to the children of the quake and its consequences and thought that the figure of the dog rescuers might make it easier for an issue so «complicated» to address.

Frida, the dog life jackets that are more popular in stickers, books and ... - 3

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In the book, Frida, Titan, Echo, and Evil will say to children that will help them to pass the «difficult times» and that «do not forget to smile.» Each one account in addition to your history and how you acquired the skill of rescuing people.

The idea is that the book is free and anyone can download. Thanks to the help of a machine shop was able to print 2,000 copies since last Saturday, are distributed in the hostels of Mexico City.

«We have known of several cases of children who are having post-traumatic stress disorder. It is strong for the population of toddlers have to deal with what happened, to assimilate it and process it,» he says.

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