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Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Through a report received from citizens, members of the association Huellita with Cause IAP came to the colony on 20 November to rescue a dog in the street and with a pregnancy advanced.

After you have done the hard search by the area, the dog was found in a vacant lot where she had dug a hole to give birth to their gadgetry. Hungry and thirsty staff Huellita with Cause fed and tried to make her feel comfortable to the mom-to-be.

Frida, a mother's love - THE DEBATE 1

To the surprise of all consented to their care and to receive food as if it is realized that everyone present wanted to their well-being, said Brenda González León, president of Huellita with a Cause.

“There are many cases like that of Frida, and what is most unfortunate is that at times the society is not sensitized with animals helpless in the street,” said Brenda González León.

After the rescue, the loving mom was baptized as Frida, which means princess of peace, which has around eight puppies.


Frida and her eight puppies are kept in a dog shelter of the association Huellita with a Cause where they are receiving care; however, in his review veterinarians indicated that they can not nurse their young, so that she was prescribed oxytocin and brewers yeast to be able to generate milk.

Frida, a mother's love - THE DEBATE 2

In this sense, Brenda said that currently in the shelter will cater for 67 dogs and each time it manages adoption the place is occupied by another pet rescued from the streets, by which it requested the support of the society to encourage the culture of adoption and to donate kibble to the mom warrior: Frida.

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