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Monday, 27 March, 13:42

From SOUL to claim a greater commitment to the spay / neuter campaigns canine

In the last few days came the decision by the Local Executive to suspend the attention with the trailer of sterilization canine, which is being repaired due to some cracks unexpected. From the Association for the Fight against Animal Abuse, Marta Esposito expressed himself on the matter and demanded greater accountability of the government, at the time that mentioned the possibility of putting a knife in the dispensary canine for the care of the animals.

Qualify this article

Something worried, Espósito began his sayings to Chronic Radio stating that “we suspended the campaigns with the argument of to fix or refurbish trailers. This always puts us in a state of alert, to an association such as ours, that is fighting constantly for the welfare of the animals.”

The last campaign of sterilization developed by SOUL materialised in the barrio Jose Fuchs, where was spayed about a hundred animals, and many were left out of the procedure due to the high demand.

“The truth is that we are alarmed quite the suspension of the trailers. Beyond that can be put into maintenance of these units, this already happens to be a matter of general interest and public health. The other day we learned by the newspaper that this week get back to work, meanwhile, we reiterate our request that they open the dispensary canine, and install there an operating room where people can cater to their pets,” added the protectionist. On this topic, highlighted that the physical conditions are given and that the only thing that is missing is the approval of the Local Executive.

A great demand

At the close of the note, the relation of SOUL did focus on the great demand that currently exists for neuter animals, taking into account the huge population of dogs that exist in Comodoro Rivadavia.

“The truth is that we always have to leave a lot of people out of campaigns. The people are angry because we do not do a mass distribution of the activities, but sometimes it is complicated. In the middle of all this are given complicated situations such as cases of bites by holding irresponsible pet, the issue is that if you do not take letters in the matter it is difficult to change this,” he said.

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