She was cruelly abandoned in the sea, but he could not win this … – lagranepoca

Fue cruelmente abandonada en el mar, pero no pudo ganar esta batalla

Each year the associations of protective animals reported that thousands of dogs and cats continue to be abandoned in spite of the awareness campaigns. And although all of the dropouts are reprehensible, that suffered by this dog is one of the most cruel that can happen to an animal. The last 3rd of August in the morning the dog appeared floating in the playa Llarga of Tarragona inside of a trash bag.

The first responders in the area were out of the water and then realized that inside was an animal, he was baptized with the name of “Life”. As at the time of rescue he was still breathing, the rescue personnel of Tarragona took charge of it.

However, despite the care and medical care that you received for part of them failed to revive her and, finally, Life died within a few hours.

She was cruelly abandoned in the sea, but he could not win this ... - lagranepoca 1

For its part, the staff of the protective thanked the interest of all the people who are worried about the state of the dog and offered financial assistance to fund his medical treatment. But they regret that there was not sufficient time to give the attention and care that made him forget the ordeal suffered during his last days of life.

To the hours of suffering, abandoned, in the water, is compounded by the fact that the was old woman, deaf and blind. The Boys Squad (Police of Catalonia) are trying to identify the perpetrators of this heinous action. For this reason they ask the citizens to cooperate by providing any information that may be useful for locating the perpetrators of such an act.

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