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The secretary of Food Quality, Zoonoses and Environment of the Municipality, defended the implementation of the project of responsible ownership of animals, approved in June, and the construction of a shelter for street dogs in the Yard of the municipality.

So put it in the framework of a distribution of leaflets at the Plaza 25 de Mayo, in the framework of the programme, together with the responsible of the Hogar San Roque, Liliana Bertone.

As reported in the edition of Wednesday, a group of neighbors and self-convened neighbors expressed their displeasure over the construction of the canileras in the Enclosure, considering that it is not a place suitable due to the proximity of the landfill, among other criticisms.

In an interview for THE REASON, Galland stated that the ordinance aims to «normalize the situation of the animals loose on the public highway. We started working with the dogs problem that we already have complaints of bites, some of them have been bitten more than once. We removed five of the public road and were given up for adoption, and responsible ownership”.

Galland pointed out that these animals are taken out of the public right of way «for having been the cause of accidents or bites. Are identified with a microchip, vaccinated, castran if they are not, this, parasites are removed and is delivered on responsible ownership in this way with which, if they be loose in the plaza, now the owner is identified, he has no way of escape”.

– Neighbors raised their disagreement that lead to the street dogs to the yard because it is considered not suitable due to the proximity of the landfill. They say they were, animals were wounded and without food…

– The space is made legally, they are in a place where they can’t hurt themselves, with food and with water. We have two people that on the day they are going to feed, clean and give water, have a roof. There is a access that can be accessed 365 days of the year, are in an isolated place where they do not cause discomfort.

These girls (respondents) worked for a time in animal protection, which I think is fantastic, and they said that they agree with the project, but not with the place, but it is not easy to find a terrain that fits the requirements so as not to cause discomfort of any kind.

Also what can I put in the middle of the main square. At the start of the management we had many meetings with the entities and protective with volunteers independent with that we made efforts to enlarge the space they had and to take advantage of it. We refused, by note, that is why we had to work on a project of their own to start to solve this problem which is serious and severe.

They also said that when they go to see the dogs have police surveillance for fear that «burn the landfill”.

– For anything. The order of the intendente Guillermo Britos is that you can input, you can feed through the door, can not enter the space where are dogs.

Does the canileras they are already finished?

Are under construction, newly completed kennels and we are already quite advanced with the second. The idea of the project are five dog runs of this nature, a reservoir of food and a place for primary care.



On the other hand, the responsible of CAZMA stated that, since August 1, will begin to put the microchip in all the veterinary of the town of identification. The idea is to start working with all the puppies that are to receive their first dose of vaccine and those who are raising a public road.

«The idea of this project is that, in an average life of animals in ten years, we should have at that period a large percentage of pets identified with a microchip, which demonstrates that the project is long-term, we’re not going to work neither in a month or two, that says that is lying and a lot of what we do today, which is to create awareness of responsible ownership,” he concluded.


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