Governor suspend collective bargaining agreements – The Spokesman of Puerto Rico

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis that crosses the Island after the passage of hurricane Maria, the governor Ricardo Rossello issued an executive order that suspended the collective agreements of the agencies for a period of 30 days.

The document, with the date of the issuance of the September 27, sets out that the decision was taken as a result of the emergency caused by the atmospheric phenomenon, considered the most powerful in passing by the Island in the past 80 years.

«The governor may extend the term at its discretion for the duration of the state of emergency», explains the order, available at the website of the Department of State.

The Executive determined that in order to extend the period of suspension does not need another executive order additional.

With the order, Rossello instructed the agency heads to grant the benefits agreed in the collective agreement «according to the availability of resources in the central government».

In addition, the document suggests that the agencies are authorized to pay overtime at time and a half.

After the decision of the Executive of the reactions did not wait.

The vice-president of the Federation of Teachers, Edwin Morales Laboy made public a message on the social network Facebook.

«The governor has suspended all collective agreements for a term which may extend without be entrusted to no one and without the need for an executive order», he questioned.

Morales Laboy was of the view that the collective agreements that had been disrupted with recent legislation. These include the Law of Single Employer and the Law 26 which reduces the rights of marginal public employees.

«This booklet fascist as we know it and we know how to use it through the disasters,» he said.

Other executive orders were signed by the chief executive in the midst of the emergency.

One of them signed yesterday, and that authorizes the secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Raúl Maldonado to take all measures contributory necessary for a tax administration effective during the state of emergency.

Another of the orders are provided by a partnership with the humane Society «Humane Society of the United States» so that they can attend to the animal during the next six months.

The central government and federal is active in the supply of products of first need.

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