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The time of travel faced by many people with a dilemma, sometimes not so easy to solve. What do you do with the pet?

Among the alternatives, the child-care facilities for dogs and cats are a good option. But how to recognize whether a site is suitable for the animal? The Protective Association of Animals in Germany, offers some recommendations:

– It is important that the nursery has sufficient trained staff. As a general rule, a single person must not have in their care more than 5 to 10 dogs and a maximum of 10 to 15 cats.

– The temporary accommodation you must have open spaces. In the case of dogs, it is preferable that they are not all day in individual cages but they can move. It is imperative that you take a ride with on a regular basis. According to the location of the daycare, the owner can already evaluate before where to stroll your pet.

In the meantime, for cats it is important that they have areas of retreat, as are animals that are more solitary.

– Vaccinations: In the nursery must remain only animals that have vaccines up to date. If the owners of the accommodation or caregivers do not ask beforehand if the animal is vaccinated, it is possible that we will not be giving it the importance required by the subject.

– Veterinary care: pet owners should figure out how to handle the place in case the animal requires veterinary care. It is important to have at hand the data of the veterinarian.

In our country some people take advantage of the holiday of winters of the children or in the northern part of the world it is summer for travel in this season. At the local level there are even «hotels» for pets.

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