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In the capital of the country aims to eradicate the mistreatment of animals and legislate to punish offenders, and to create a culture of citizenship that protects all those living beings, said the attorney general environmental of the City of Mexico, Miguel Angel Cansino Aguilar.

During the First International Congress of Animal Behavior, in the Universidad del Valle de México, campus Coyoacán, considered that lack of public awareness of the treatment of animals, so it is necessary to build mechanisms to give people information in the field of ethics and respect.

Interviewed at the end of the opening ceremony of the congress, said that in Mexico City there is a considerable growth of pets, dogs and cats the most, so it is important to have a register; it is also intended to know the number of dogs in the street.

On the abuse to which it may be subjected to a pet by its owners, Tiresome Aguilar referred to that any person may denounce, in order to intervene and make owners take responsibility, you can even get to several instances, even up to the judge civic.

Tiresome Aguilar referred to that has the perception of a considerable growth of pets, so it is necessary to make an inventory of the animal population on the streets and in homes.

He explained that the specialists estimate that 60 percent of families have a dog, and that up to 40 percent of families have cats, although I have not seen the data hard of the Institute of Animal Protection created by the Legislative Assembly and not yet issued the decree».

The office of the Attorney Environmental and land use planning (PAOT), and the organisms protectors of dogs will begin a pilot program in order to know how many stray dogs there are in Mexico City, the delegation Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Iztacalco, where they will make estimates with tours through the streets.

To avoid cruelty to animals, the PAOT has been implemented and operating to detect those who sell cats and dogs illegally on public roads, markets such as the Sonora and in establishments.

In turn, the director of Health Sciences, the UVM Campus Coyoacán, Fernando Jose Macouzet Romero, said that the congress tries to keep up to date all the doctors that are dedicated to the veterinary, it is necessary to improve the quality of the health of the animals.

The academic of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) pointed out that in Mexico there is a new law on animal protection, and that should be taken into account that they are living beings that deserve our respect; Mexico transits to a change of mentality to put in the context of advanced countries in the topic of animal protection.

In both, the model Montserrat Oliver, television personality and protective of animals, noted that we lack a lot of education, information and laws to help the animals; and that when the people decide tenener a pet, it is very important for you to know what type of animal acquired, and the veterinarian should inform you about it.

«You have to first find out what type of animals you are going to acquire, if it is good for the family, for the children, what care is needed and how much time you have to spend,» said the also actress.

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