Governments may be left alone to protectors of animals –

Raffles, collections, sale of food or various items is what they have to perform the various associations of protective animals, because they do not count with the support of the government.

It is the case of CIDEA, a group of Reynosa, whose members serve up to 10 daily cases of cats and dogs are mistreated or abandoned. The secretary of this group regrets that it will increase attacks against pets and that the authorities do not worry about working together with them.

Nadia Astrid Avila, secretary of CIDEA Protection Reynosa, said that in the 11 years leading the association have been attended by over 4 thousand reports of pet abandonment, including abuse, and puppies in the street.

He noted that journal receive on average up to 10 reports, of which caters to the majority because the Association works without support of any kind, only with the resources obtained from the sale of articles of jewellery, food, collection or even sometimes out of their own pockets.

«Right now we continue to receive cases, but in these moments we do not have a shelter for them, so that what we are doing is to support people with the cost of sterilization to those who do not can cover it, and in the case of pets that are in street situation and the people make us the reporting that we do it is to support them with medical expenses veterinarians for the animal to be treated and the person reportantes take care of that pet.»

He said that before they had a ground but had to surrender him because they no longer had the resource to continue to keep so many pets.

«So that among the 8 members of CIDEA we passed them out to the puppies that were being cared for and later put them up for adoption, though we still have about 10 ready to be adopted». He regretted that the animal abuse has been increasing considerably, commenting that the more time passes, the cases that are reported to the association are each time more terrible and «sadly», he said, many pets are abused by children.

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«Children that their parents know what their child is doing with the pet, if it is kicking, if you are hitting and not doing anything, in every report we have tried to talk with the parents and the only thing they tell us is that not we get and as there is no law that protect animals, can not do much, combined with the fact that we do not have the support of the government, practically we work alone. The health centre, is a point and apart». Mentioned that to the serious problem of overpopulation of stray dogs and cats, sterilization is a way to handle this situation.

In this sense he said that they never worked in co-ordination with any governmental authority, including clarified that in 2006, in conjunction with the Association of Veterinary Medical and CIDEA, was the Regulation of Animal Protection, noting that it has not been implemented yet despite the fact that the State Congress passed it.

«Here in the municipality of Reynosa has not been applied, the regulation comprises, among other things, fines to people who are irresponsible with pets, and would be the only way to control it, through a monetary fine or penalty, because unfortunately the mexican as well is, until will not stick in your pocket, it is as you do things right.»

Astrid Avila said that although this regulation is an important tool to protect the animals and «sustain» a certain way to abuse, it would apply only to dogs and cats, «because unfortunately the horses and donkeys do not fall to be considered as working animals».

He mentioned that his main desire «is to apply the regulation» and government support «in doing mass campaigns of sterilization at low cost».


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