Great Day automatic dog and cat the 1 October – The Universal – Colombia

Time: from 8 am, by order of arrival

Place: Corals, Block F,Lot 8, entering through the Watertight Boot

Cost: a $ 40,000 Cats and cats
To $ 60,000 Dogs and bitches

Information: Kelly Ramirez 305 3440 161

Requirement, which is less than 20 kilos, the promotion is not valid for dogs size pittbulls, tillers and the like.

The animal must come on an empty stomach, and clean. Take in the case of dogs, with their leash, in the case of the cat with their crate or in a suitable transport. Bring a blanket.

WE URGENTLY NEED sponsors to sterilize female dogs and gaticas street that no one responds.

To operate them it is the obligation of the state, but until that miracle happens, the sensitive, the good, the wise, we must do it with our resources.


Organizes the Node Animalistic Cartagena Colombia Human

Request the voluntary donation of even one kilo of concentrate of either puppies or kittens, for the furry friends both who are treated in this infinite umbrella of love and mercy who is the Protector of Animals Pama.



To defray costs of veterinary emergency we are attending

cell whatsaap contact 3016236785



Your family and your brothers love, miss and need him. It is a dog that has a soft foot, the right front, if you’ve seen it, please atrapelo and leave the message with your photo in the comments of the blog. Great reward by Gufy.

cell whatsaap contact 3138696392

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