Grow the attacks of dogs, and a young man died with symptoms of rabies – DUTY

Canine rabies in Santa Cruz re-emerged as a serious health problem. The death of the teenager of 14 years with symptoms of the improperly recorded yesterday (the latter case was in 2015) and from the fact that in the first quarter of this year already add up to 3,500 people are bitten by dogs that are suspected of being infected with rabies, have been put on alert to the health authorities. In 2016, a little more than 7,000 people were vaccinated after being bitten by dogs suspected of rabies. The secretary of Health of the Mayor of santa cruz, Fernando Mustafa, explained that most of the cases correspond to people who were bitten by dogs from the houses, although at least 30% was for stray dogs.
He added that even vaccinated two defenders of the animals that were bitten in the Centre of Rabies Control.

The director of the Departmental Service of Health (Sedes), Joaquín Monastery, said to expect the biopsy results to a sample which yesterday took the brain of the deceased, to determine if his death was due to human rabies.

For his part, Johnny Ruiz, responsible for the program Rage of the Headquarters, said that everything is ready to vaccinate the parents, two sisters and an aunt of the deceased, as a preventive measure. Each will receive a dose in the navel for seven consecutive days and then the other three, with a space of 10 days.

Vaccination campaign
According to data from the Headquarters, across the department there are 740.176 canes (382.601 in the municipality capital and 357.575 in provinces), of which about 100,000 are street dogs.
May 14, aims to reach 458.850 dogs in the five municipalities that have a higher number of cases of rabies in dogs: Santa Cruz de la Sierra (137), Warnes (6), clay lick Belgium (6), The Guard (4), which are home to 64% of the canine population of the department. Will also be vaccinated in Montero.

Ruiz explained that the population must not only abide by the campaign of vaccination anti-rabies mass, as the canes should receive four doses during their first year of life and then once a year. “What is needed is the will and responsibility because the vaccine is free,” he said.

Conflict for control of dogs

Tito Sanjinez, president of the health commission of the municipal Council, aimed against the supporters of the animals by the increase of number of cases of rabies in dogs, which this year already add up to 156, compared to 39 last year, and 29 of 2015.

“Oppose the capture and removal of animals with suspected rabies. Now three of them work at the kennel and do not leave to meet the standard. The controls are carried out sporadically and that the defenders of animals must be made aware that at stake are human lives,” he said.

In this regard, Sandro, Fernández, of the humane Society, said that the three people who work at the kennel are not of your institution.
“Policies must be in place, as in Brazil, Argentina and Chile that do not have cases of rabies 30 years ago, thanks to sterilizations, mass vaccination campaigns and the awareness that it causes a change in the attitude of the population. Twelve years ago, applies to euthanasia of dogs in Santa Cruz and follow the cases of rabies”, criticized Fernandez.

Confirm first case of H1N1
The director of Epidemiology of the Venues, Roberto Torres, reported that he presented the first confirmed case of influenza A H1N1 this year in Santa Cruz. This type of virus is the most risky and in 2016 we recorded 55 cases, of which 25 resulted in the death of the affected. However, the first four months of this year, there were none, while A H3N2 there are 400 and B1 exceed 50.

The Headquarters has already received 418.080 doses to vaccinate the people who are in the highest risk groups are children six months to two years of age; pregnant women; older than 65 years; the chronically ill, with hypertension, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, illnesses of the kidneys and to health personnel.

The director of the Headquarters, Joaquín Monastery, said that the vaccines are being distributed, and that once they are available in all health centers will be informed and will convene the population to get vaccinated.
So far this year, five people have died in Santa Cruz due to influenza A H3N2, which caused the Headquarters to declare a red alert in the department last week.

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