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Gustavo Desiati president of the Protective Animals of Tandil, in dialogue with AM1560 the festejarse the Day of the Animal referred to the actuality of the entity and took stock of the work of the Ngo, which not only protects dogs and cats, and mentioned that assistance is provided to “all the animals and everything related to the animal’s life and protect her, and prevent the abuse such as for example the horses”.
He recalled that the beginnings of PAT were in 1983 and made mention of the founding partner, Carlos Vismara.
He stressed that the institution works “with a social fee of between 30 and 40 pesos although there are people who have in mind the value of a pack of cigarettes on the order of 50 pesos, which tends to contribute more. And we work with the proceeds of the shares of the partners as generated by the Hospital that charges inexpensive prices accessible. We are not against the veterinary private”.
He said the immediate goal is to be able to count with a service of high complexity in the headquarters of Almafuerte 2760, where does an operating room.
“We have the headquarters, we don’t have to pay rent. What we saved with have stopped paying rent is dumped to improve the care of the animals and better wages to veterinarians,” said later.
When consulted on the subject of pet adoptions made clear that there must be a “decision responsible, not adopt a toy, the dog grows up and needs more attention.”
“We don’t give in adoption dogs without spaying. Give them neutered and desparasitadas, avoid in heat in the public right of way if it escapes from a home,” explained the holder of PAT.
Respect of the dogs of the street said, “we are better than in other cities. The problem is greater in other cities. You should neuter themselves more. In order to have a controlled situation we should neuter the double. The municipality is involved, but should include more operating theatres, mobile and more budget.”
He recalled that those who wish to work with PAT through the social share can get close to the headquarters of the entity in Almafuerte, from 9 to 12.30 and from 17 to 20. They can also communicate to the cell phone 154-460-745.
On the other hand clarified that “we do not address, except in exceptional cases as, for example, an animal being run over that is bleeding, we’re not going to leave you lying in the street. We will always ask for some assistance to the owner, but if you do not have funds to the animal as it treats you. People if you can’t take care of them, many times the leaves in the street.”



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