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Ana Maria Alda, the owner of the humane Society, gave details of the procedure. «The operation began when we achieved the consent of the parents of the owner of the poodles to remove them, otherwise you should have a court order,» he clarified.


He explained that when they were removing the animals, «the subject began to harm us and to fight for amedrentarnos. The police were called because he was at risk, the brother of this person and their parents, the mother has heart problems and can no longer live in those conditions.»

Apparently, this person had the animals of the same breed to sell, «if we took just eight, there were more than 20 dogs in a department of just two rooms,» he lamented.

Illegal sale

«This boy is dedicated to selling them, the poodles were several couples and they were in appalling condition, with the smell of urine and droppings, very dirty, probably have internal parasites, and lacked all kinds of vaccines,» he explained.

He said that it is an illegal activity: «selling these pets if they are well race, in 45 days they get sick or die because they come from these places without the veterinary care needed».

The neighbors voiced complaints to what was happening in the department on the second floor of Irigoyen and Scattini. «It is annoying to live with the smell, the barking and crying of dogs. That’s why they made the allegations».

The puppies are up for adoption and clarified that those who want to lead must take charge of all the expenses of vaccination and veterinary care, «if I want to and I love the puppy I have to be responsible to keep it up.»

The subject of 28 years, would be nicknamed «Toto», and you would have problems of addiction. There are still more than 15 dogs in the department, so that it is expected an order of the Justice or the prosecutors to act ex officio for violations of the Law of Animal Abuse.

«Toto» assaulted the police officers who went to the location and pulled a certain bottles at the car of the president of the humane Society.

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