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After the massive death of at least two dozens of dogs in Batán last Friday, protectors of animals denounce the existence of more cases of poisoning recorded in the subsequent days in Punta Mogotes, in a Big Forest and in the area of The Two Marys. “There have been so many, but we’re talking about four or five dogs, and if it were only one, the problem there is the same”, plotted in dialogue with 0223 Maria Luisa Adjamian.

Outrage and fear in Batan: are more than 20 dogs killed by poisoning

Consulted by the volume of news about it in the last time, the protective clarified: “We are accustomed to killing animals, this is not new, but no one ever addressed the topic,” he said, noticeably angry.

“Then what of the Fullers, there were four deaths of dogs in a Large Forest, the other four in the area of The Two Marys and more cases in Punta Mogotes. We do not know if it is a crazy deranged, a retired military, a vet who has not lived a tuition, you can be anyone, but we’re going to march and reclaim the mayor Brook an intervention would be in the matter”, defined Adjamian.

Among the protectors, is no desire to begin to make public at least what kind of poison it is who is killing the dogs. “We don’t even have that information, you can be food poisoned, or something else, but we can’t even give the name of the poison, because they start a political conflict with the theme, and is something essential to know from what place out,” explained the woman.

Or one less, or poisons, alive we want” is the motto of the concentration which will take place on Friday, September 1 from the time 15.

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