There is little scope for control of fauna street in Tulum –

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TULUM, Q. Roo.- The president of the humane Society, Lina Chapa, said that is not the solution to have kennels or animal control center, to reduce the presence of fauna street, when there are no public policies and sufficient information from the authority towards the population. In Tulum are willing to provide information to the competent authority to act in consequence. By his side, the director of Health, Sonia Vargas, said that it will resume action in terms of fauna street and animal control.

Sheet Sepulveda indicated that the animals in condition of street “are not a problem but rather the symptom of a problem that is the little information that has been transmitted to the community and public policy, and little scope of municipal actions to control the population of animals.”

These problems that you noted will be taken care of with the integration of the citizen council of protection, and animal health, and that this administration is a hope of achieving goals in this issue of the animals that are not abandoned, “by custom, the people, the local population has had outside of their homes. This was possible when Tulum was smaller, had more jungle”.

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“Tulum has grown, and the street appeared under dog, he has not been thrown to the street. In two years has seen an impressive growth and now the dog is in contact with bags of trash that creeps in, opens under the sun in high temperatures and this gives rise to parasites, infections and all, or who knows.”

But he anticipated that this has a solution and there are cases of success in other sites and in Quintana Roo, Isla Mujeres is an example and in three years there are results, and are communicated with these groups in order to exchange experience and in other places, like Argentina and Brazil. With ethnic situations very similar to those of Tulum and it is only a matter of burning people and agencies to come together to get faster to the goal, he said.

As part of the committee is newly installed, said that they will provide the information you have available, to advise the authorities “and not go for the classic we’re going to make a kennel, or a shelter because that is not a solution”.

There is a lot of information that has not been channeled to the communities and now we hope that it is different because there is availability of work authorities and the civil society, he added.

He added that not all of the diseases of animals are communicable to man but if you have seen cases of scabies, fungi, larva migrans, are zoonoses simple to treat, but the best thing is to have the prevention to address the source of the problem having pets sheltered not to eat garbage from the street, vaccinated, dewormed, trash out of the reach of these animals, would be solutions to avoid diseases, he added.

By his side, the director of Health, Sonia Vargas, said that they will be resuming activities that had been doing prior to assuming the position and to work within the committee and with other units that form part of the same to ensure the health of the population.

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