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In Mexico still lack to advance a culture for the protection and dignity of the animals, despite the fact that it has a law that punishes child abuse and animal cruelty, was considered the director of the International Association of Training and Dog Trainers (AICA K-9), Omar Duran Ramirez.

He pointed out that, in Mexico, it takes much work to be done in terms of the mistreatment and cruelty, because there are thousands of cases in which it was observed that the animals of company are not given due attention to their basic needs.

“It is common to see as the pet will have crowded together, on a rooftop, in a few spaces, are not catered for their basic needs, and that is lacking in your well-being. Then we lack a long way to go,” he said.

He stressed the importance of societies protecting animals in Mexico, who have endeavored to apply to the legislature, the tightening of laws that punish the abuse and cruelty of animals.

The expert argued that the societies of rescue and protection, have gone to great lengths in educating the new generations about the importance of not abuse, and if the well-being, because they are sentient beings that feel and need to needs.


“But also as a society, we have failed to the protection associations, because many times we see them as solutions to problems, when you no longer want the dog and cat, something that should not be,” he mentioned.

The steering will be taught during two days the “Seminar on Education K9”, in the Infoteca Regional “Profr. Federico Berrueto Ramon,” which aims to provide tools to professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, stylists, but also to the people who like to have a pet, and also clear doubts about the myths and realities of the canine world.

“The goal is to introduce them to the basic tools, scientific basics, which is actually a dog and their needs, to have a dog companion, work,” he stressed.

The canine Association has more than a year formed, with presence in different states of the mexican republic, as well as in countries such as Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, and in Arizona, the united States, and has as its main objective is to generate a culture of respect and decent treatment for the dogs, avoid the abuse. Raise awareness of what it means to have a pet dog or work.

The association is working on a project detection of cancer timely, that is in the process of research and testing to be able to formalize with the public and private sector that wish to participate.

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