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The Council is advancing a project that has for objective the implementation of the programme to «Heardit mine», which will create shelter for the abandoned dogs they can withstand the inclement weather during this winter. The initiative provides that the same shall be sponsoreadas by different companies, must be made of materials thermal and can be installed in squares, parks and intersections of the streets, always and when do not disturb the habitual pedestrian circulation.

The plan proceeds apace; to such an extent, that already garnered the endorsement of the council members who are members of the commission of Ecology and went on to the Government, where the selectmen will look at next week.

The initiative is driven by the council member and veterinarian Carlos Cossia, who echoed the need expressed by the Association of Civil Protective Rosario «provide shelter to numerous animals community that currently live in Rosario».

According highlighted the mayor, «in all the great Rosary it is estimated that there are about 30 thousand animals abandoned on the public highway.» Cossia has put special emphasis on the term «abandoned» in contrast with the «tramp. These animals were abandoned, were not born from a cabbage, and like to be in the street. Someone abandoned them, that’s why I refuse to call them tramps,» said councilman peronist.

For years various animal protectors installed cuchas community so that stray dogs can take shelter during the night. Shelters of this type most well-known are located in the parque Urquiza, but in the project of Cossia also cited one that the NGO Asociación Civil Protective Rosary was installed in the corner of the boulevard February 27, and Ovid Lakes.

«With this project, we are legitimizing that the dog has a place to sleep», stressed the mayor.

Public health

The vet remarked that «for the animal community to have the respect and rightful place, the Municipal Institute of Animal Health (Imusa) has to be identified with a microchip. This is key to the public health,» he said.

In this regard, the director of the Imusa, Daniel Rinaldi, noted that, «since 2010 have been placed to 4,800 microchips, primarily breeds potentially dangerous».

The official admitted that «there is not a survey of the number of dogs in the community. There is not even a census of the number of domestic animals that there are in the city.» And although he considered «interesting» the idea of the cuchas community, stressed that «the ideal is to strengthen the policy of adoptions. The best place for a dog is inside a house,» he said.

In that order, he stressed that the past year had achieved great growth in adoptions of pets in the Imusa: it went from 248 in 2015 to 787 in 2016.

The project includes the cost of the cuchas will be assumed by various Ngo’s, for which it is intended that the same have sponsors.

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