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Hidey estaba abandonada y llena de rastas ¡Mira cómo luce ahora!

This cat of 14 years of age was neglected, not because their owner was cruel, but because he also needed help.

The cat called Hidey was covered in dreadlocks, in the worst cases, when the team of the Center of the League of Rescue and Animal Care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he found it.

“This poor cat was brought to our clinic yesterday, after her owner had to move to a nursing home,” wrote the Rescue Center on his page of Facebook.

“I had a huge dreads”.

“Our medical team shaved off the hair weave of your body, and needless to say, I feel much better now!”

“She’s going to be cared for by a distant relative of his previous owner, and finally you will have the opportunity of a happy and healthy life”.

The man of 82 years who lived in Pittsburgh, he was suffering from Alzheimer’s so that also needed attention, said Pat Russell, a relative.

Mr Russell said: “When they took him to the asylum, I thought: Hey, he has a cat! The house was still open, so I went down and I left some food while we decided that we were going to do.”

“Then, someone mentioned that she had a second cat. So I started to look around, and suddenly this huge creature came out from under the bed and ran to the basement, and I thought: What was that?”.

“At first I thought that the cat had a blanket that covered it, and had dragged it down. But no, it turned out to be Hidey”.

“I was there looking for her with a flashlight -it was almost like a horror movie, and I found it in a corner. Probably very scared and in so much pain,” recalled Russell.

Caitlin Lasky, a spokesman for the humane Society of Western said that in addition to “Hidey was overweight, and probably because of this I could not shower alone.”

“The center’s staff had not seen anything like this. Even searching online, I found something similar, so that definitely was a unique case,” said Caitlin. “A lot of hair. It took years for that to grow this way and also I was overweight,” he added.

“The new owners of Hidey have told us that the principle is hiding under the bed in his new home, but now is curled up in a warm cat bed”. Oh Hidey enjoy your new life!

“She also begins to purr while celebrating,” wrote the Humane Society Western in your Facebook.

Russell also found another cat named Siam of 17 years who lived in the house, who is weighed to the house with the intention of giving them a better life, with their two other dogs and three cats. Oh Hidey, and Siam surely would have died if they had been alone, fortunately Mr. Russell remembered them!

Credit image: Facebook | Human Rescue of Animals

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