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The 29th of April is commemorated in our country the “Day of the Animal”, in remembrance of the death of Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, who in addition to being an attorney, he was a great defender of the rights of animals and president of the humane Society of the Republic of Argentina.
The deputy provincial, Alicia Mayoral, vice-president and deputy justicialista in the Chamber of Deputies of this province, joined a project to the Chamber of Deputies declaring of legislative interest, the “Day of awareness animal”, organised by the Foundation Vidanimal next to the School 25 “Grenadiers of San Martin,” to be held next Saturday 29 April 2017, in the installations of the above-mentioned educational institution Santa Rosa.
In the above-mentioned “Day of awareness animal”, will be present the entire team of the Foundation Vidanimal, next to the Operating room and the Mobile vets, who since already some years ago, made his usual interventions, spay / neuter and rabies vaccination, in this case, with shifts given in advance, from the school to the community neighborhood.

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