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Women turned to the courts demanding compensation of 40 million pesos to the Municipality of Puerto Natales, because your dog was sterilized without her consent.

The municipality of Natales will begin to implement in the short term the city ordinance on responsible pet ownership that establishes the removal of abandoned dogs in the streets and the application of fines against the owners of the copies that are found on public roads.

The above, is one of the first “legs” of the demand that a neighbor brought against the municipality and the humane Society for having captured in the public right of way to a dog of your property and it sterilized without her consent.

For the mayor of Natales is Fernando Paredes, “this does not ceases to amaze me, and not only called my attention, but of the community, because it is a situation that one does not understand”.

He recalled that three years ago approximately, enacted an ordinance, and since that date has been a white march with the order to go in educating the population about responsible ownership of their dogs. In addition, in conjunction with the Society for the protection of Animals has been sterilizing and castrating dozens of animals, a campaign that will continue this year in a massive way.

For this reason, he added, “we are doing a tremendous job, and it appears this lawsuit that I don’t know what is the background. You have to be super clear that the purpose of this demand we will begin to communicate the term of the educational process. The mea culpa that one must be made of why these things happen is that we have dilated a lot of the beginning of the fulfillment of an ordinance that is already published, which says that when there are abandoned dogs on the streets must be removed from the public road and if they have an owner, this has to be the subject of fines, because here the people have to take responsibility for their dogs”.

In the specific case of the claim, he held that the woman was an example of the people who leave their dogs abandoned in the streets. Gave as background to the animal operated on was found on the street pregnant and with an infection due to that two of the fetuses they carried were dead inside of her womb. This is why the humane Society proceeded with their professionals to operate emergency to save your life.

“I commend the humane Society for this tremendous work. When one sees these instances of humanity there is no more to be thankful for, however this lady instead of thank you for the concern given to us as a response to a demand”, supplemented annoying.

The head community said, “now some people will claim for fines, but I prefer that to having to confront claims”.

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