Homeless, injured, scared to trust humans, but then things took a sharp turn!

We love what we do! Our work can be dangerous, unpredictable, but we do it for the love of animals. We almost made it to our fundraising goal for 2019 – will you please join us? There are just a few hours left until the end of this YouTube campaign. Lilac was scared of humans and she needed help. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick got the call for this one, and they headed out. JoAnn is the veteran here and Katie just joined our team, and together they managed to accomplish this rescue successfully. At the hospital, they learned that Lilac was injured (it looks like she was shot by a pellet gun), she had many embedded foxtails that caused an abscess (you will see the staples on the side of her body in the X-Ray). The worst injury was to her spirit… she was so sad, she didn't want anyone to touch her, and we knew that the next step is training with someone who can help her come out of her shell. Our friend and trainer, Farren Mahone, turned around many dogs for us, and we knew she was the one who will accomplish this job successfully: https://www.facebook.com/BoardNBehave/ I don't want to tell you how it looks when it's all over because it will take away all the fun and joy! Please watch, share, like, subscribe, and donate if you can so we can open 2020 with many more rescues. Thank you so much, Eldad ASOCIACIÓN CANINA ESTEPONA ANIMAL SHELTER ESTEPONA

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