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Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Gone unnoticed among the bursts of gunfire and pools of blood, but also became the victims side and invisible from the massacre in the colony Lookout East of the capital of Honduras.

We talk about the animals that were immersed in that midnight in the cross-fire that ended the life of four people in the wake and that, after the rise of corpses, were abandoned because of the fear of the villagers by returning to the area.

The organization House of Noah spread in social networks this week, the rescue that made about 40 of the creatures that were drifting a day after the quadruple murder in the modest house at the exit to the east of the capital of Honduras.

«The next day of the massacre a call was made by the media to the associations that protect animals would do this to such a place to be able to rescue all the animals that were in danger», relataton representatives.

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To do this, House of Noah, requested the authorization of the City Hall and the Prosecutor’s office of Environment to intervene in the property, as well as the safeguarding of the National Police due to the risk in the point.

The rescuers had received the alert that the place had dogs, cats, hens with their chicks and turkeys with their young, but when you get reminded that there were «a box terrifying». Look at the photo gallery in full here.

«The whole house was full of blood, with human remains of the shooting and even the caps that were used to murder those people. What most of us terrified he was to see that some dogs were feeding from the pools of blood that were inside, which made us feel immensely bad», described.

Those in charge of the rescue revealed, citing local residents, that some dogs were injured in their eagerness to defend their owner‘s during the shooting at the wake. «The offenders to see the action of the animals shot them».

«Several of the officers put him inside of a pit latrine to draw number of chicks, some already dead that had fallen to the pit, since, apart from assisting in the rescue, they adopted a cute puppy to be able to provide you with all the love with your family», they stressed.

The organization pointed out that, under their responsibility, have temporarily to 30 animals. The owner has 15 days to claim them, but are available to go for adoption, according to the law.

In that sense, the direction of the House, Noah asks for support to feed the dogs and other animals, at the same time that it launches the invitation to all those interested in adoption, with the condition that it is for pets and not for human consumption, as in the case of chickens and turkeys.

The victims of the crimes of multiple homicide were identified as Luis Fernando Gomez (24), John Gabriel Guillen (31), Andres Orlando Medina (29) and a minor of age, who participate in the sailing of Ivan Ramirez, a collector bus killed a day before.

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