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A house at the foot of the lagoon in the municipality of Medellin is home to about 260 cats.

The owner mr. Philip Cazarín Chípuli no longer can keep both the animal and therefore calls for help to the associations that protect animals, to the authorities or to the citizenry to adopt some cats.

The lord of the field with an age of 92 years lives with his wife of 83 years and you can’t continue to handle both animal now that her daughter 37-year-old departed in search of a job outside the municipality.

The young man studied Tourism and Fishing so that they offered him a job on the part of government outside of the municipality of The Lagoon on which you can no longer continue with the commitment of caring for the cats. Their parents as older adults of advanced age can not continue with the package that will let your daughter keep the cats that are still playing.

Don Felipe said that his daughter always liked a lot of cats and each time was an animal abandoned in the street gave it hurts to see them there, thrown away and collected to take care of them.

This good deed of his daughter was in the stray cats finally found a home, however the cats were not spayed and they began to reproduce.

Cazarín Chípuli looks exceeded both in strength and in resources to keep both feline in his big house, because that ensures there are cats of all ages from newborns, to adults, to pregnant queens even do not give birth.

“I am proud of juntarle the food but right now I have a lot of expenses and I can not, spending more with the cats that are with me,” he anguished.

To be declared incompetent to care of the 260 copies provide your number to contact you 2291696044.

The urge is for all citizens or competent authorities which support it both with the sterilization of the cats, provide food, or to take or adopt.

He went to ask for help to the protective association of animals of Veracruz The Rock that you also have to keep 300 animals which could not be supported, but expected someone to provide you support to solve your problem of overpopulation of cats in your house.

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