Footprints and Whiskers: in the constant drive for animal protection – Journal San Rafael

Footprints and Whiskers: in the constant drive for animal protection - Journal San Rafael 1

Daina Gay and Mary Peace Carrivale, the protective independent Traces and Whiskers, were in the editorial of Diario San Rafael to get to know the most recent achievements of the group the benefit of the community.
The work protectionist involves the rescue of animals. It means seeking the means of mobility to reach the place where you have asked for help for an animal in a situation of abandonment, accident, and manage to move them to a place of transit (a house or an enclosed patio). Transits are temporary, “more than anything to retrieve the status of the animal, medicarlo to schedule and have it content”.
Currently the group is in charge of at least five strong cases, which include some international, other follow ups and regular visits to the vets. Daina explained that “one of the chubs, he sought a boy who is called Gabriel, because it had been run over at Mitre and Emilio Civit; has hip fracture, has about 6 years, it is with much pain and be baptized Wuacho. Is Rune, you have damage spinal cord in the hospital, with catheter and medicines, was run over and abandoned. On the other hand, rescued eight puppies, babies, had been shot, a police officer called for help and we have them in transit to give them in adoption; they were full of parasites, malnourished, and knew not eating. Terry, a greyhound abandoned at the side of the path, full of mange and broken, is in transit also, with treatments”.
The cases are innumerable and the group does not have a large number of active people. If you have people that always works, you need transit, blankets, snuggles, food, and adoptive parents responsible.
The group also requires assistance to solve operations, analysis, medications, treatments, post-op, kinesiology, consultations, bandages. “The nice thing is that Wuacho, this old man who ran over in front of Anses, has received the cooperation of the people that was there and saw the accident, so we are very grateful,” said Peace.
“The society always told us works, there is a very good welcome; they help us, work with rice, food; we are very happy, because we would not be able to work without these people who help us, all it is good for us,” said Daina.
Directions veterinary where they can collaborate with the account of Traces, and Whiskers are: Alem and Olascoaga and also Freedom 369
Footprints and Whiskers this Saturday at the Km 0), on avenida San Martin, with puppies for adoption and recepcionando donations. They are also accompanied by animated characters from Disney for the children to amuse themselves.
It is important to remind the community to sterilize their pets, completely free of charge (Lugones 85). “On Saturdays we welcome people who wish to give in adoption puppies, the mechanism consists in keeping the animals, and wait to be adopted; if it is not achieved that day, they return to their homes,” he explained.

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