Humane rescues a orangutana albino that lived … – DNA Chile

A organgután female was rescued from his cage -a-box, on the remote island of Borneo, located in Southeast Asia. This is not a copy either. It is a oragutana of white hair and blue eyes.

The protective of animals saved her from a few aldeados that was kept in captivity. Immediately handed over to the Foundation for the Survival of the Orang-utan of Borneo; in the place, determined that it is a kind «extremely unusual».

The creature, which still has no name, «you are doing a series of tests conducted by our medical team. It has been determined that it is an orangutan and albino: his hair, eyes and skin colors are more pale than normal and is also sensitive to light. We will continue observing it and making it evidence, «said the foundation.

Of time, this formidable specimen is in the rehabilitation centre alongside other 500 orangutans. It should be noted that this animal is considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as «critically endangered», very close to extinction.

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