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By: Román Martínez

CANCUN, may 18.-The president of the Society for the protection of Animals, humane Society in favour of Dolphinariums, stated that he is in favor of the Senate not to ignore the Green Party and do not disappear dolphinariums, because when they achieved that no longer work in the circus affected 35 thousand families and nobody knows where were those animals.

The interviewee pointed out that your claim, apart from defending the dolphinariums, which generate thousands of jobs and are one of the assets of Quintana Roo in order to attract more vacationers, is to make conscience of the Environmentalist Green is the worst game that has been in the entire history of Mexico, because it is not dedicated to protecting the environment, but to the harm of animals.

He said that they are only making animals suffer, causing ecocide 80% of animals of the circus; “and now they want to end up with the dolphins, because they are forbidding that the animals will continue to have interaction with people and continue to open dolphinariums, because as mexicans we have the right to decide if you get to swim with a dolphin,” he said.

“Because the Green has to attack back to the animals, to make you suffer for the sake of a party that you’re only interested in the votes, because it is already demonstrated that there is no sanctuary and there are no places of sanctuary for marine mammals; as evidenced that the Green party know how to do things,” he said.

Rincón gallardo cited that if they disappear, the dolphinariums are going to affect many mexican families, they are places which have cost much, as keeping a dolphin a year costs a million pesos. That is why she makes the call to the senators to think about what they will do; “the deputies were going well, but made a mistake by allowing this bill to pass the Senate; we must stop this to not repeat the ecocide,” he said

If approved, the senators, added Rincón Gallardo, the dolphins are going to suffer and you are going to die, because there are dolphinariums that they are not going to be able to sustain spending, the animals are going to end up dying of hunger, because there are dolphinariums in the entire Republic.

The president of the humane Society in this city concluded to pronounce that the fault of this problem is the dad of “Child Green”, the senator for Quintana Roo, Enrique González Martínez; “to play the child with his party and if a time comes to be President is going to give us in the tower”

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