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The cuban dissident Agustín López Canino, the protagonist of an image that traveled around the world in 2014, in which we see how an agent of civil you cover the mouth, said today to Efe that he hopes that the president of the united states, Donald Trump, is fair to dissent, and exile when you change the policy towards Cuba.

Canine, coordinator of the monthly printed «The great Blondin» and the blogging platform «Cubans from inside and from below», is located in Miami and ensures that, although he has not been invited, will go where Trump announced the new u.s. policy towards Cuba.

Although not yet officially confirmed, the announced visit of Trump to Miami this Friday to inform of a change of direction in the process of normalization with Cuba initiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama, at the end of 2014, has generated a great buzz among the community of cuban-american organizations in the exile.

«I hope Trump is right with the dissent and with the exile and condition the situation of Human Rights in Cuba, that provide a presence of true civil society,» said López Canine in a statement to Efe.

In the opinion of this dissenting, after the visit to Cuba of Obama in 2016, the repression has increased and in the place of «empowerment of the people» which lives on the island is «a capitalism fierce».

To reinforce his words, the activist shows a photograph of his sister, Ada Lopez and Canine, arrested by the military this last Sunday when he was about to participate in a peaceful march with the Ladies in White, dissidents, protesters on the public road showing a gladiolus.

Freedom of expression, freedom of association, right to peaceful protest, and cease the arbitrary arrests of opponents, in addition to free elections and multiparty, is asking for this old machinist naval of 61 years.

«My assessment is that before the restoration of relations (diplomatic with the united States) the castro regime felt under pressure nationally and internationally, and then it was as if legitimaran», raises the now communicator.

«Even during the visit of Obama to Cuba, and in front of more than half a hundred cameramen international, were arrested with extreme violence, Ladies in White, independent journalists, activists and bloggers», recalls López Canine.

Asked if he is afraid to go to jail on his return, said that in the activism street «you can’t have limits. The limit is death,» he says.

About your claim that in Cuba there is «a capitalism that is fierce», indicates that in the vicinity of his home in Cuba there is a hundred of small factories particular of slabs and bricks, whose owners, in his words, «exploit almost children that are trying to make a living».

«If a worker drops a heavy block on one foot, not the indemnifies. The State inspectors will look the other way and extorts entrepreneurs, who in turn have as the only suppliers in the State itself. The corruption is rampant», Lopez explains with concern.

The us secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said this on Tuesday in a report to the Senate that «Cuba has not improved its human rights record: opponents and dissidents continue to be imprisoned, and the Ladies in White continue to be harassed».

«If we are to maintain the good side of this relationship, Cuba must absolutely begin to cope with their challenges in human rights», stressed the head of the u.s. diplomacy.

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