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It is always the same process. Appear in the series or in the movie fashion, are beautiful and adorable, good friends and best friends of the hero of the moment. Pets become suddenly in a fixture expensive to look for a while and, unfortunately, many times discarding them shortly after on the roads.

This has been the case of puppies, huskies, and its resemblance to the wolves from Game of thrones, whose sales soared from the beginning of the series in 2010.

The association for Northern California Sled Dog Rescue, reported that the percentage of dogs of this breed left in protective had grown 700%. The proof of that was the Stark who unleashed the phenomenon is that the great majority of those who come are called Summer, Ghost or Nymeria. “People see this series and think: ‘how cool are these dogs’. Don’t even know how to tell them apart. We always wonder at the fairs of adoption if they are wolves, and are clearly husky. Only follow the fashion of what they believe is a monkey”, lamented the president of the platform.

These spikes are easy to identify and also gave after the premiere of movies like below zero or Adventures in Alaska. The researcher Italian Stephano Ghirlanda , published a study in 2014 in which selected the ten films that have most altered breeds of dogs in history. For example, after the premiere in the 1943 film Lassie come home, the number of dogs collie increased by 40% in just a couple of years.

The worst part of this trend is that, as the author states, “when a dog breed becomes popular, there is a lot of pressure to produce a lot of puppies and genetic defects accumulate because the genetic diversity of the breed falls”. But this problem is not confined to cultural products featuring dogs, there are also trends that affect animals less dear to the man’s best friend.

In Spain, the National Association of Friends of the Animals has seen cases with rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, donkeys, dogs and cats for over 25 years. “In our country there are no laws that control the breeding mills. There are people who are breeding without paying taxes. This is note because suddenly you find thousands of ads of animals in pages of second-hand,” says Mary, a volunteer for the protective, to the journal.is.

“If a series, a movie or a famous place of fashion an animal, there is a sale tremendous for a period of time. Then it slows down, you spend a few months, and drop out,” he says. The situation is such that have begun to arise protective specialized in breeds and animals that were not there before. “People think that if they are side money, not abandoned. But I have a huge list of abandoned dogs of race, which in its day had that cost vast amounts of money,” says Mary.

The reasons for the abandonment are mainly two: behavior problems and the enormous costs of veterinary. “For example, the sharpei is no algodoncito, is a dog with lots of character. And the dalmatians are very active. The people do not know what they are buying and carries surprises,” he laments. Compare the case of adoptions with the sale, because in a protective “we’re always going to give you all the information about the needs, characteristics and care of the animal.”

If this occurs with species easy to love and they have included a money for its pedigree, the fate of other types of pets is even worse. “There are so many rats abandoned and are delicious. The companions of The Den work mostly with this kind of rodents and other as guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas” lists. This is because the vast majority don’t know that you can also adopt. “The people of the purchase price of scrap metal, tire and leave,” says Mary.

Neither she nor the organization blame the movies for this epidemic, but it does encourage you to be more aware with the whims. In fact, they applaud tapes as Pets for speaking bluntly and with a language for all the public about adoption. “I invite you to look beyond the aesthetics, because behind a mixed animal or older can be your ideal companion”, say from Friends. “The saying that beauty is on the inside also applies to animals, not only to the people, let us not be hypocrites,” he declares.

To avoid that hundreds of thousands are abandoned each year, many advocate that the purchasing process is as agonizing as the decision. Interrogation and monitoring, in homes to prevent the future owner from acting on a whim or an unconscious drive. Even so, the last decision will depend on the scruples of the human being, as evidenced by the five species following paid expensive his success on the screen.


When the Disney classic was released in 1961, many economists became obsessed with 101 dalmatians as Cruella de Vil. These dogs of mottled skin became fashionable, and only in the US, there were 185.000 puppies in a year. The film of drawings generated an effect exaggerated, but again with the version in flesh and bone released in 1995. Breeders amateur saturated the market and, as expected, increased dropouts. The alarm jumped when a shelter in Miami warned that it had received 130 dalmatians just a month after the premiere of the remake.


Happened with Sccabers, the rat of Ron Weasley, which met for the first time on the express to Hogwarts, but the worst came after Ratatouille. The public is convinced that the rats were pet friendly, intelligent and bearable, and so they are. After the Pixar film, the sales have increased by more than 50%.

The problem is that people find less hesitation in abandoning rodents to dogs or cats. Something similar happened with the guinea pigs after the premiere of G-Force, when the owners realized that these animals were far from representing the spies of the movie. Many of these animals end up in protective as The Burrow, where they encourage you to go before to a store.

Pot bellied pigs

This case undermines especially the association of Friends of Animals, which they call the “George Clooney”. The actor began to ramble a few years ago to his minicerdo, or vietnamese pork, in front of the cameras. Soon, the illegal market he saw a niche to exploit, and started to breed normal pigs to sell them as if they were its miniature version. When people find an animal of 100 kg in your house, drop out. To this also contributed the film child of the nineties, Babe, the piglet brave. The protective madrid at this moment in time to “four girls wonderful,” victims of the recklessness of their owners and breeders.

The clown fish

Unlike the previous cases, finding Nemo was a message against the captivity of exotic species. However, humanity was deaf, and shot sales of clown fish across the world. “In 2003, a large number of fish are neglected or dumped in the river, sea or even by the toilet when they grew too much”, warned an expert on exotic animals before the premiere of Looking for Dory.

This species requires conditions in biological complex, and this often includes a large investment of money and attention. Without forgetting the impact on the environment, since Nemo was assumed that the populations of clown fish some of the reefs descendiesen in a 75%.


Harry Potter is not a phenomenon of masses to use. It is able to put fashion your jargon, costumes, hairstyles, and animals. Such was the case of the owl, which increased their sales after the release of the first film in the franchise. To verify that this bird is not like having a budgie trapped in a cage, many owners began to release them or to deliver them in protective. In Spain, the association Brinzal works with birds of nocturnal raptors that have suffered some damage.

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