Idaho Police Canine Association Conference Held in Pocatello … – KPVI News 6

Idaho Police Canine Association Conference Held in Pocatello ... - KPVI News 6 1

The parking lot outside the Pocatello Police Department was littered with cop cars from across the state today, and with these cops, their trusty K-9 companions.

Over 50 K-9 teams from all over Idaho came together today for the first day of the Idaho Police Canine Association’s annual conference.

The event features practical training and classroom courses to help officers and canines improve their skills. 

One officer says the opportunity to learn from instructors from all over Idaho is extremely valuable. And he says the best part of having a K-9 is the constant companionship while on the job.

«You take a dog that is just, you know, a dog, and you turn it into a dog that will protect people, a dog that can find drugs, a dog…that is ever-loyal to you,” said Pocatello Police Corporal Akilah Lacey, “I mean he gets to come home with you, and is your best friend.”

The conference wraps up Friday with a competition testing the dogs’ abilities in agility, suspect apprehension and odor detection.

Pocatello police will also give away prizes to attending officers. The department wants to thank the community and local businesses for donating the items used for prizes.  

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