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(News Already, Step).-Four pets have taken the life of a little boy who was in the courtyard of his home, located in the valley of the missions.

This is Jacob Brook, of only 4 years, who was in his home located in the 9100 calle Morelia, playing alone on the trampoline, his mother left him without attention, and the four dogs attacked him fatally.

I suppose then, because, as they have many dogs, they had many large dogs and brave pit bulls and german sheperds and kids, and big and all as ten dogs and little children as well is that you imagine one then because as well as came out crying,” said Ramon Payan, a witness of what happened.

The spokesman of the police department of El Paso, Enrique Carrillo reported the following about this event:

«The service of animal control took custody of the dogs. The mother of the child was placed under protective custody and delivered to medical professionals at the medical center. So far there have been fincado charges»

For their part, experts in animal training, they warn the community to take precautions to avoid becoming victims in similar situations.

When you have too many dogs, they create this mentality of herd and if you never have trained the dog to be submissive at the time that the small do something wrong, they immediately go to attack and try to discipline the child, and that’s where the deaths occur”, said Angie Morgan, an expert on pets and owner of Barkerhaus Kennel.

This case remains under investigation, according to the reveal of new details we will keep you informed.

Sara Villegas has the report.

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