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Monday, March 20 , 12:37 by Uniradio News

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By Fabiola Navarro

Cd. Obregon.- Light Esther Salazar Leon, president of the Protective Association of Animals in Cajeme, warned that while no enforcement of the law will persist in the abuse and killing of dogs and cats, as has happened in Pueblo Yaqui, and Providence.

By this, he said, it is important that the City Police go to the reports. He stressed that it is slope of the response to the case of a dog that was poisoned in the Villa Bonita and that she reported.

«There are times that one does report to the City Police and take time to go and see that people believe that nothing happens, that there is no punishment and they continue to mistreat animals, even poisoning them,» she said.

In terms of the results of the necropsy of the animals poisoned both in Pueblo Yaqui, as in Providence, mentioned that the laboratory of the Itson will deliver the results next Tuesday.

«As soon as we get the results, we will give you to know,» he said.

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