Illicit association Kirchner: the whole truth –

In this week’s NEWS:

Conspiracy K: the truth about The network of negotiated by the that processed to Cristina, Max and Florence Kirchner. The role of Báez and Cristóbal López. And the secrets of the record that can get you prey to the former president.

Macri after the 1ST: massive march in defense of the Government envalentonó to the President. Your new facet: firmness and aggressiveness. The tips of Peña Duran and Beard.

Dogs with two tails: Sausage, Jack Russell, French Bulldog, English Bulldog and Poodle are the dog breeds most sought after.

In addition:

Record Itatí: NEWS agreed exclusively to the cause of the city’s narco in which he is involved, the mayor, the deputy and to the sheriff of the town correntina.

Great masters of photography: Dani Yaco, Aldo Sessa, and Daniel Merle brings together these weeks in Buenos Aires, with photos of Vivian Maier, among others.

Canine Association Malaga

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