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Rio Grande.- Council member Pauline Rossi (UCR) prompted an interesting journey of adoption that brought together six protective animals –including one of Tolhuin – and many families in front of the city Council this Saturday afternoon.
The mayor was pleased with the response from the community and confided that “it was a day of adoption, which by luck was achieved that many families adopt puppies; but also the idea was that all of those families who do not have a place to have a dog, come to share that special experience of walking a dog next to the protectors of animals.”
They even provided a carry bag for the stools of animals “because there is also to generate awareness on this and that you can walk a dog together with the family, that the kids can enjoy it.”
In turn, “we are also receiving donation of food to collaborate with the animal protectors, which we have been surprised by the large number of neighbors who came to fetch him,” remarked the mayor.
In this sense, the counter-Pauline Rossi commented that “the intention was to take advantage of the space to support the animal protectors who both work day to day in which means containment, awareness, and what that has to do with neutering and pet care, which means a follow-up work to what makes the Municipality”.
Council member Pauline Rossi commended these associations to be animalistic “because they do all this work and not ask for nothing to change, and we, as a municipality, we have the obligation to work in responsible pet ownership. These associations do this work because they feel it and love it and then and the least we can do is collaborate with them because they are overwhelmed, with a lot of loose animals in the city”.
The councillor understood that “this is a granite of sand to work with the kids and generate awareness in the long-term, advancing this kind of days is to be replicated in the future, “seeing the amount of neighbors that came and the large number of animals that were given out in adoption, we plan to continue to do so here or in the neighborhoods. The only definitive solution to this is to raise awareness of the society on a very important topic as it is responsible pet ownership”.
The animal protectors who participated fully in the initiative were: ‘Haven Park’, ‘Association of Animalist, tierra del fuego’ (AFU), ‘Leg Work’, ‘Legs’ of Tolhuin, ‘Few Fleas’ and ‘I Love Animals’.
Also the neighbors were the office of councilmember Rossi to participate in activities related to the day of adoption, where he also painted the face of children simulating puppies and distributed ‘the ten commandments’ of animal protection.Driven by the councillor Pauline Rossi Journey of adoption ... - The Blender 1

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