In 24 hours report three dog attacks on children – The Herald (Colombia)

The authorities attended between Wednesday and Thursday, three cases of children bitten by dogs in Barranquilla.

One of the case happened at 11 in the morning of this Thursday, when a child of one year, was bitten in the cheek and eye region for a dog, in the house where he lives with his family in the neighborhood, The Sunflowers, southwest of the city.

The greatest Leonardo Patiño chief of group of Protection and Special Services of the Metropolitan Police, explained that the animal bites the child in a state of stress that occurs when they are moored or as much time locked inside.”

The child was taken to the clinic of the neighborhood, The Almond trees, in Solitude, for a greater closeness. The Health Secretary of the municipality, Osvaldo Pisciotti Vásquez, said that the dog flew a fence of protection that he had in the house.

Patiño, warned that, “when they manage to get loose from those ties (some individuals) are reactions against the people and in this case the most vulnerable are the children.”

Neighbors of the sector report that the dog has tried to attack other residents of the property. “We are afraid that you can get off because several of us have young children.”

Pisciotti reminded the citizenry that the article 126 of the new Code of Police stating what are the breeds of dogs potentially dangerous and that, before the offices of health, owners must “take out a civil liability policy, and tort” regulated by the State.

THE HERALD managed to photograph the canine and, due to their appearance, they seem to be of an exemplary cross with a dangerous breed. It was not possible to speak with relatives of the minor injured.

Other cases

The second case occurred on Thursday in the afternoon in the neighborhood Villa del Rosario, where a young girl (4 years old) was bitten in the face while playing with his mother and the dog, breed pit bull, in the living room.

The authorities pointed out that, apparently, “an abrupt movement” of the dog caused him a wound in the cheek to the girl, who was treated at the Step of The little Town. “They put six stitches”.

The third incident happened at 6 on Wednesday afternoon on a street in The neighbourhood of la Victoria. According to the official report, a child (8 years old) with his mom when a can attacked him and bit him in the left forearm. The child was also led to the Passage of The little Town where he had to be operated on by a plastic surgeon.

15 cases per week

Luz Stella Ordoñez, director branch of the humane Society, recommends a “tenure most responsible” for the canes, especially if there are minors in the environment of the animal.

“Children often do not have a good socialization with the animals, pull the ears, I tread on the tail, and the animal, which is a sentient being that does not understand that is going on, react”.

Ordoñez said that, on average, in the city report for week 15 attacks and dog, per day, up to three episodes.


According to the new Code of Police, the following are some of the behaviors of risk for the people, by the tenure of canines potentially dangerous:

– Leave them to wander in public and private space, a place open to the public, or through public transportation.

– Move a copy without a muzzle, scraper or other implements established by the rules.

– To allow children or adolescents, their possession, ownership or transportation.

– To make them or transport them in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of hallucinogens.

Are canines potentially dangerous to those with one or more of these characteristics:

– They have attacked people, or have caused death to other dogs.

– Trained for attack and defense.

– The following breeds or their crosses, or hybrids: American Staffordshire Terrier, bull mastiff, Dobermans, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Fila Brasileiro, Mastino Napolitano, Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, presa canario, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier, Japanese Tosa (…).

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