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The failing that the Secretariat of Health (SSA) has not yet launched the National Campaign of Vaccination anti-Rabies Canine and Feline in the State, the spokesperson officer of the civil association “Friends of Animals”, Esmeralda Alonzo Aguilar, denounced the cancellation of the free spay / neuter in cats and dogs, from November of 2016.

The also spokeswoman officer of the animal are organized in the State, indicated that it is concerned that yet authorities in the health sector have not implemented the national campaign in their edition 2017, which should be at the end of march, the date on that is usually carried out and in which some entities already performed.

Therefore, on behalf of the rescuers and animal, urged the implementation of the actions arising from the campaign for the good of the citizenship, because both canine rabies and feline pose a risk to the human being.

This is not only to implement guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of rabies and other zoonoses in 11 municipalities, but to verify compliance and also to establish responsibilities against the owners before the Animal Welfare Act and its regulations, which must also be partakers with demand the obligation of the authorities to put up such a campaign.

He regretted that in 2016, the State did not comply with the goal of applying the 158 thousand rabies vaccine, as according to the National Center of Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenaprece), barely managed 79 thousand 513 biological, that is to say 50 per cent of what is planned.

In this regard appealed to the authorities to assume their responsibility and work on a dissemination plan that actually works, for citizens to know with accuracy the days in that will be to apply the biological, the date and venue, which must be in public points, even stay for a considerable time “as it is the custom of some brigades to stay only 10 minutes and leave the place”.

Denounced the decision of the authorities of Yucatan by the cases of rabies, sacrifice the animal, which must not be called a street, because in the end they had an owner, but irresponsible, who never bothered to take care of them.

“The Government of Yucatan are taking actions desperate, in specific-in-Progress, because not acted on time, did not follow the campaigns proper sterilization or vaccination; failed to comply with its work of prevention and awareness to pet owners, and the same thing is happening in Campeche,” he said.

Similarly, reported that the SSA is not working in the free spay / neuter since November of 2016, citing that they are not material, nor sufficient resources when it is a game tagged annually at the federal level.

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