In case of poisoning any animal may be imposed … – Publinews Guatemala (press Release)

The new regulations define the violations that are imposed on people by neglect, or mistreatment of any animal. The sanctions are classified as serious, very serious and very severe, in which, in the case of poison or intoxique to any animal, or when they practice acts of bestiality, the responsible person shall pay a penalty of up to 12 minimum monthly salaries in force.

It also prohibits dog fighting, the pet shop or breeders that sell sick and injured animals, experiments or animal research, as well as the income of circuses from other countries that use animals for entertainment.

In addition, it will create the Animal Welfare Unit who will be in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food; as well as shall establish the National Commission for the Protection of Animals, which will be integrated by a representative of the National Association of Municipalities, one from the Ministry of the Interior and one of Agriculture.

The Animal Welfare Unit will work with the fines imposed, donations, inheritances, and resources allocated in the general budget of the Nation.

The new law eliminates the Law for the protection of Animals of Guatemala created in 1952.

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