In France looking for a “serial killer” of cats – (press Release) (Registration)

In France looking for a “serial killer” of cats - (press Release) (Registration) 1

Yes, not only in Rosario there are madmen that gives them by doing bad things to animals. The French press talks of poison mass, of a “serial killer” and even a “catastrophe” cat.

It is not known who is responsible, but knows the horrifying result of his sinister actions: up to 200 cats have appeared dead in recent weeks in Saint-Pierre la Mer, a quiet seaside village between Perpignan and Montpellier, in the south-east of France, which is usually sold as an ideal place for a holiday “family” on the beach. From now on, of course, will be as well if you don’t have a pussycat.

The victims are both feral cats as domesticated. The local association of protection of feral cats presented a complaint to do an autopsy on dead animals to try to find the source of this alleged poisoning, massive. According to the first results, in the stomach of the victims were found shot, cannabis and coolant.

Michèle Grenier-Bolley, researcher of the Society for the protection of Animals (SPA), which also filed a suit for the situation in Saint-Pierre de Mer, said that they believe that the cats are fed in the evening with this cocktail mortal, probably mixed with a food that attracts animals.

This is not the first time, told L’indépendant, something like that happens in this normally quiet town. “They called Me in 2011 and in 2012 for similar problems. And now start again, with a magnitude never seen before. This is a disgrace!”, denounced.

The mass death of cats —in addition to some other animal that probably tested the poison— has created a tense atmosphere in Saint-Pierre de Mer. The local association of animals claimed these days in his account on Facebook that has a suspected sign of who might be the responsible of the massacre cat. But lacking evidence, he recognizes, so it has asked anyone with any information to contact them. For the moment, the killer, or killers, in series, is still loose. And the cats are still not safe.

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