In march, 13 cases of animal abuse recorded – The Herald (Colombia)

The state of Rocko, a purebred dog pitbull, has generated outrage among the inhabitants of the neighborhood of The Forest. With images of the way in which it is evident that he received scratches, bruises and deep wounds, the owners of the pet reported a new case of animal abuse in Barranquilla.

In accordance with Yeimis Garcia, the owner of the animal, Rocko was attacked on the night of last Monday at a residence nearby. “He went out to make their needs and was found with another dog that barked a lot. Rocko grabbed a bite and that was when two neighbors started to give cudgels”.

Garcia says that one of the attackers took up stones to throw at the head of the animal while it was claimed that this situation “only drew the dog died.” Minutes after the attack, the owners of Rocko, imagining that this was dead, came to the scene to collect the body of the animal. However, they noticed that the pet is still breathing and that could be saved.

“I took him to a veterinary clinic where he is still being cared for,” said Garcia, who also indicated that Rocko remains under guarded prognosis.

On the race 12 with street 8 the village to The Beach, Andrés Vergara relates that he found Malú, a dog of a year, with symptoms of poisoning.

Vergara noted that moved your pet immediately to a veterinarian where he indicated that the venom had reached to affect the respiratory apparatus of Malú and that this would probably smothered.

Thanks to the immediate attention provided by its owner, and the medical center, Malú is safe and detoxified. However, his owner says he fears for a new attack to your pet.

Cases in barranquilla

The case of Rocko and Malú do not correspond to isolated facts. According to the mayor Éver Gonzalez, chief of Environmental Police in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla, in what will march have registered 13 complaints about animal abuse, of which 5 led to the capture of individuals for physical violence against horses.

Gonzalez says that, while there is a culture of cruelty to animals, a great part of the citizens does not go to the authorities to report these facts, so it is estimated that there are more animals who suffer from attacks of violence.

The mayor stressed that depending on the case, and according to the Law 1774, individuals captured for acts of violence against animals may face a jail sentence of up to 36 months in prison and fines of up to 60 minimum monthly wages in force.

Finally, Gonzalez recommended the lines 123 and 112 to denounce the assaults.

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