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In the midst of a sweltering heat and the beating died a horse on the public highway

Yesterday, at approximately 20 personnel, Commissioner 8° it took intervention on the streets Ricardo Rojas and cut 61, where they were abusing a horse. In the place it was found the presence of a horse, lying on the floor and a few people around giving you water, because of the high temperatures. Was asked to Mounted section, a transport cart, but before the move, died the animal by arrest cardio-respiratory, the product of shock and exhaustion by traction of the car, according to the information sent to DIARIOJUNIO.

Gave intervention to the personnel of the Brigade of Crimes, Rural and humane. Staff of the Brigade proceeded to give the animal assistance so that you can breathe, with the help of neighbors in the area.

The prosecutor in turn, ordered that the same be examined by the veterinary police, and the car that traccionaba is kidnapped and deposited in dependence of the Brigade, taking charge of the transportation of the equine staff of the Municipality transporting it to the Field of Supply.

The veterinarian determined that the animal (a female), fur zaina, 5 years approximately, with horseshoes, passed away by a arrest cardio-respiratory, the product of shock and exhaustion by traction of the car. Were identified the driver of 25 years and the owner of the carriage 49. On the other hand, the neighbors expressed their displeasure over the delay of the staff of the humane

Comments from our readers

24/02/2017 10:55:27


EMPALAMIENTOOOO!!! in each rod of the carriage to the «owner» and the «proletarian» HDP

24/02/2017 12:38:39


A lot of «city desk, carnivalesque». But when, THE BAN OF TRACTION TO BLOOD. Simply, in this aspect it seems that we live in the 19th century. MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES DO SOMETHING WITH THIS TO STOP IT SERIOUSLY.

24/02/2017 12:38:57


This is the fault of pa humane? that ignorance in this city!!!! xq do not rush the laws and give the tapes marginal that pull the cart and give them with a stick to the back!!!! that makes lack! but no, don’t move a finger! that laburen and walk with the debris! marginal! poor animals, no one defends them! but these tapes if, or prisoners going!

24/02/2017 13:00:39


Pity for the horses that endure so calmly and without resistance, abuse and ill-treatment of the cruel people. No matter if you are marginal, aboriginal, illiterate or anything like that: punishing, harming and exploiting animals should not be seen as less serious or justified by the condition of the aggressor. It is time to stop him.

24/02/2017 13:00:45


those who defend the interests of the upper classes, and they are paid every month ,the campaign promises PRO , TAKE over, IF they TREAT their ANIMALS IMAGINE how they TREAT PEOPLE

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