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From 5 to 8 April Xalapa will host the III International Congress of Animal Rights, an initiative of the grouping of civil, humane, Project Harp, backed by the city Council of Xalapa who chairs the mayor Américo Zúñiga Martínez.

In a press conference, the Deputy director of Health, Gabriel Morales, accompanied by Lourdes Jiménez Mora, Project HARP, stressed the commitment of the municipal administration for supporting the rights of animals.

In this III International Congress will address topics such as animal Rights, Antiespecismo what social movement or fashion?, Conservation treatment and Dogs who learns from whom?

The opening will be on Wednesday 5 April at 09:00 hours in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law of the UV; Friday, 7, in the Hall of the Cabildo of the Municipal Palace will be discussed on the Centres of Animal Health, and the 17:00 at the Initiative of the Municipal Art and Culture (IMAC), about living with dogs.

Saturday 8, from 10:00 to 15:00, in the Parque Juarez and low City hall will be offered conferences and workshops for children with the themes of Water, Forest, happy, life in The jungle, World of insects, horses, and donkeys as co-workers and Our companions and best friends.

Lourdes Jimenez Mora in addition to thank the support of the SEDEMA and the local Congress, he explained that on this occasion, contemplates the participation of Dulce Ramirez, Samantha Rosales Silver, Andrés de la Parra, Xane Vázquez, Domingo Canales Espinosa, Mauro Madariaga, Lizbeth Muñoz, Oscar Horta, Edgar Islas, Ricardo Pimentel Cordero, David Anton Aguilar and Gustavo Lozano.

As well as Pedro Paredes-Ramos, Alejandra García, Elena Chavez, Angel Daen Morales García, Jonathan, Joshua, Alejandro Herrera Ibáñez and Nelly Lucan.

Were present, the owner of the Animal Health Centre, Issac Meza Aguilar and Edgar León, of the SEDEMA.

For more information on the page: and Facebook: ProyectoArpa Xalapa.

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