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Saturday, July 01 , 11:31 by Uniradio News

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By Fabiola Navarro

Ciudad Obregon.- Light Esther Salazar Leon, president of the Protective Association of Animals in Cajeme, pointed out that in the last few weeks have increased the number of complaints and reports for animal abuse, specifically dogs that are moored and exposed to the rays of the sun.

«We have many reports of dogs that are tied and glued them to the solar rays directly, don’t have water, they are dogs that take care of abandoned houses or businesses and the owners forgot about them, but there are neighbors of good will that bring them water and food.

We remind these people that this is animal abuse and is a criminal offense that is punishable», he stressed.

Salazar, he mentioned the case of a person who kept her dog in these conditions and to locate it, he was told that it would take away the pet and that it would be given in adoption. However, he said, this person chose to hide and take the dog, and until now has not known anything of him.

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