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Due to the serious problem of animal and environmental that there are in Cartagena, the National Police Directorate announced that it will increase, with three uniformed, the strength of the Group of Environmental and Ecological Protection of the Metropolitan Police.

The decision comes after the office of Attorney General of the Nation made a formal request to the institution, stating that «with the new Code of Police it is your obligation to prevent and control environmental deterioration, impose legal sanctions and require the reparation of the damage caused».

Similarly, he said that «you must plan the management and utilization of natural resources to ensure their sustainable development, conservation, restoration, and replacement».

The Metropolitan welcomes the decision

The colonel Misael Ricardo Ortiz Garzon, chief of the division of Protection and Special Services, welcomed the news and said that the project will strengthen the actions in pro of the environment and the animal population of the city.

«We are supporting the activities of the Public Establishment Environmental (EPA) and the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Canal del Dique (Cardique), and we will continue with our operations to protect the environment and to animals, in compliance with the Code of Police. We had already projected increase foot Strength; we would like to have more police, but that is what gives us the capacity for this group,» he said.

So, that specialty of the Police would be comprised of 13 soldiers, 10 professionals and 3 assistants high school graduates.

Animal react

Mary Bonfante Stephens, president of the Protective Association of Animals of Cartagena, he argued that this is an effective measure to advance environmental protection and animal.

«We have welcomed the strengthening of the team in Cartagena, and we see a greater commitment from the authorities; this will strengthen our goals,» said a leading activist.

For its part, the animalistic Victory Dezubiría indicated that the increase of the standing force was a debt that I had with The Heroic since a long time ago.

* Protection and Special Services is responsible for the groups of Environmental and Ecological Protection of the Metropolitan Police, Childhood and Adolescence, Tourism Police, and Protection to People and Installations (safety schemes of the Mayor, Governor, senators, and representatives to the Chamber.

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